Monday, June 22, 2009

Mandala Complete

Sunday saw the mandala completed. Here we see it (from a side angle). I was unable to attend the closing ceremonies, but my wife Diane was there and took these photos.

As part of the ceremony, the sand was carefully brushed up, put in an urn for disposal in the nearest swift-moving river. I'm not sure where that will be, this is a drought-gripped region.

After days of intense concentration on the painting, the monks seemed happy
to be done and there were smiles all around.

The large, four storied central room of the museum was filled with the sounds of the traditional Tibetan instruments and deep-throated chanting.

Diane took many more pictures of the closing event and I plan to post some more soon.
Many thanks to the monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery for sharing their healing vision of Green Tara with the people of San Diego!

For a schedule of upcoming appearances by the monks,
check this link;

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Green Tara Poem

On a lotus seat, standing for realization of voidness,
(You are) the emerald-colored, one-faced, two-armed Lady
In youth's full bloom, right leg out, left drawn in,
Showing the union of wisdom and art - homage to you!

Like the outstretched branch of the heavenly turquoise tree,
Your supple right hand makes the boon- granting gesture,
Inviting the wise to a feast of supreme accomplishments,
As if to an entertainment-homage to you!

Your left hand gives us refuge, showing the Three Jewels;
It says, "You people who see a hundred dangers,
Don't be frightened-I shall swiftly save you!"
Homage to you!

Both hands signal with blue utpala flowers,
"Samsaric beings! Cling not to worldly pleasures.
Enter the great city of liberation!"
Flower-goads prodding us to effort-homage to you!
---First Dalai Lama (1391-1474)