Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Tet!

Welcome the Year of the Tiger! Several days ago I visited the Vietnamese monastery and temple in nearby Escondido. The monastery, which has been in existence for nine years, is playing host to the display of the largest black-jade statue of the Buddha in the world. In my next post I will share some pictures of this remarkable Buddha and the surrounding temple grounds. But, as today is the first day of the New Year, the Year of the Tiger, I present this image of one of the other statues on the grounds.

I don't actually know who this masterful fellow riding the tiger is. (If any of you reading this knows his identity, please let me know.) But it is easy to see that he is a man of great accomplishment in the Way. Not only is he atop this powerful beast, but he appears to be perfectly comfortable and perfectly ready to engage the world. One senses he and the tiger are in complete accord as to where to go and what to do.

And so, this New Year's wish. May we all may ride this year's tiger in harmonious accord, ever ready to engage life at any moment, with the power of a tiger and clarity of one accomplished in the Way.