Monday, April 15, 2013

Your Secret Voice

In darkest night your secret voice

Whispers to me, soft and clear.

Your words not words

But knowing,

One truth unshaken.

“You are safe with me, in me.

Safe beyond all changes,

All disasters, all that passes,

All despairing, all departures.

To this alone, nothing need

Nor can be added.

Nothing reduced nor be removed.

No acts, no preparation,

Nothing to be studied, or forgotten,

Nor taken up or be forsaken.

Though any and all pains

May befall you,

Of even death, be not afraid.

You are with me,

And I with you.”

Peak experience, sudden enlightenment, satori, angel's visit, the holy spirit, gestalt or grace, there might be a billion names for that sudden moment when great doubt is altered into great understanding, Fears and anxieties drop away like the illusion they always were and in their place there is peace. 

Today's image of the light of the mysterious Moon is from: