Monday, March 14, 2011

Palm Sunday

I hold the world

In the palm of my hand,

And certainly,

You hold it too,

And just as surely,

It is true,

It holds

All of us,

And you.

Here's a re-working of last week's poem. We're still holding on, but don't hold too tight! In fact, if you let go, and let go all the way, you'll find out just how true it is that the whole world is holding you, and all of us. Not only does it hold our bodies, it also holds our attention as well. Just try for a moment to look away and you'll see what I mean!

The dazzling yellow flowers blossom on a tree that grows in front of a plant nursery just up the street from our house. Although I don't know it's name, it is a desert plant common to our region and blooms in the winter months. And yes, my friends the bees absolutely adore this small tree's flowering display. Their busy humming fills the air in mid-day should you be so fortunate as to pass by. This photo was taken in early January.