Monday, April 29, 2013


This business of drawing a last breath is no joke,
It’s a serious matter, make no mistake.
There’s so much hot soup still steaming
At the bottom of the bowl,
So many laughs remain at large,
Awaiting apprehension.
An army of metaphors are left unmixed,
And the very next moment is now standing in the wings,
Just dying to burst forward with its’ wild surprise!

So, stick to your diet while you compose,
And revise once more your big exit line,
Stay on your treadmill and ponder
All the kisses you have left to plant.
Because it’s a serious business
Drawing your last breath,
Make no mistake,
It’s no joke.

The two old-timers in Francisco Goyas' sardonic but life-affirming painting above have got the right idea, while there's soup in the bowl, keep eating!