Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For the Kids

No I would not lie to you , my dears.

As you make your way through the passing years,

Though joy you'll find

And friends so kind,

And games to play

On a sunny day.

You may find insight

In a blaze of light,

And your hearts' delight

In the bed of night,

But, there will be many tears.


Buddha said...

I wish it was that clear cut, that simple.
Do you have kids?
I hope your recovery is going well.
Be loved!

Lone Oak said...

I have only one step-son, age now 30. But my wife's niece has four kids, aged 8 to 18, who spend a great deal of time here at our home. I rather had them in mind when I wrote the poem.

Last Spring they were forced to leave their old home in Arizona when their mother lost her job there and were actually living with us when I had my transplant. The enforced separation from them in the initial part of my recovery made me realize how quickly and completely they had become an important part of my life. They have filled a hole in my heart that I did not even realize was there!

Although the poem is cautionary in a way, I realize that I can't do much to actually spare them life's pains and disappointments. Perhaps all I can really do is bear witness to my own experience and let them draw whatever wisdom from it that they will.

They have certainly aided my recovery immensely, with their youthful capacity for love and joy.