Thursday, May 12, 2011

Almost No Words

Lately this poet

Finds himself

At a loss for words.

Looking at this tree,

I see,

And I am lost.

You see?

I photographed this amazing bonsai cedar on opening day of the new home of the San Diego Bonsai Society at the Wild Animal safari (formerly The Wild Animal Park) in San Pasqual, San Diego County.


Anonymous said...


I do see!

David Clark said...

Thank you, Anonymous. What an honor to have you visit my site! I've been a huge fan of your work for many years.

A deep gasho bow to you.

ursus512 said...

Lovely! Twisted by wisdom
Trained by life
All is reaching

David Clark said...


Those are good words.
Thank you for finding them.


Marty said...

That is a wonderful picture. Our thoughts are intertwined like that, are they not. The poet is always there. A little deeper and slower today below consciousness a little.

Barry said...

Wow, no need for words with THAT tree! Looks like it belongs on a steep granite slope in the Sierra Nevada.

David Clark said...

Thanks Barry. Isn't it amazing? In reality it is no more than 3 feet tall. Someone told me it was 60 to 80 years old.

It looks like either Google or Blogspot got hacked in the last twenty four hours. This latest post, done 5/12/11 was gone, but still existed in draft form. I have re-posted it from the draft. The 3 comments it received and my replies are quite gone. Sigh. Thank you Anonymous, Astrid and Marty for your comments, sorry they are now gone.

I just noticed that Dosho Port's Wild Fox Zen site, also hosted by blogspot is also missing yerday's post,so I'm not alone.