Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emulate the Wise

When bombs are falling,

Even the very brave

Would do well

To emulate the wise,

And leap

Into a hole,

Of any size.

There seem to be a lot of falling bombs and things exploding these days. Not just the metaphorical bombshells we all experience in the day to day, but actual bombs, exploding in places all around this troubled globe. Many are falling on young people facing up to the dictators who have held their countries in the grip of fear since before they were born. I marvel at their courage and I wish them well.

When I was a young soldier myself, lo these many years ago, I had occasion to come under fire a few times and was even knocked on my ass twice by very powerful explosions . I learned a valuable lesson from this, which I have given voice to above. Forget the heroics, get your head down when necessary and with any luck at all, you may live to write your own poem about it.

Our image this time is from the Korean War. It can be seen in numerous books or on the web at:,in-pictures,news-in-pictures,in-pictures-the-korean-war,3?print=print

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