Monday, August 26, 2013

What Sea? Samadhi Poem

 What Sea is this,

Rising in the mind of Man?

What gulls are they that cry?

Lord and vassal

Regard each other

From the same chair.

Frozen ice may melt and seas may rise. Some may look away and try to deny, but to deny is to decline. Others regard the change and rise with the tide. Either way, the familiar slips away beneath the waves, revealing anew the shape of things as they are, revealing that this sea is no other than ourself, revealing the shape of things as they have always been. 
Guest and host embrace. Lord and vassal always occupy the same seat.

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” 
- Meister Eckart

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